For 2012 we are lusting after full fringes that are cut with perfect precision. Session stylist and Salon Partner for Oscar Oscar Salons in Sydney, Paloma Rose Garcia, shares her favourite fringe styles for 2012, as well as who can wear them and how to style them.


What to Ask For? Ask for a straight blunt fringe, which sits above the eyebrows.  This is a Betty Page inspired fringe, reminiscent of 1950s Hollywood pin-up girls.

Who Does it Suit?

This is fringe is definitely a statement. Its suits girls that have a vintage fashion style, or alternative look.

However, I would avoid this fringe if you have a round or heart shape face as it isn’t the most flattering fringe. It is best suited to oval and long face shapes.


How to Style This Look? This look will need to styled daily, unless you have naturally very straight hair. If your hair has any texture and movement, you will need to comb and straighten your fringe using a styling iron and then keep it in place using a strong hold hairspray.

Celebrity Spotting: Rooney Mara (Girl With a Dragon Tattoo) and Katy Perry.


What to Ask For? A long thick fringe that sits at eye level.

Who Does it Suit? This fringe is great for girls with thick hair that has some texture and movement.

It also suits girls with long and oval face shapes, as the fringe helps to balance out the length in the face.


How to Style This Look? You need a small barrel brush to style this look. Also brush the fringe back and forth in opposite directions, as this will help brush out any kinks and allow the fringe to sit better.

Celebrity Spotting: Zooey Deschanel, Rachel Bilson, Rose Byrne & Jessica Alba.



What to Ask For? A fringe that you can center part that sits just past the eye level.


Who Does it Suit? This fringe is really flattering and incredibly versatile.

The longer length allows it to be also swept to the side.

You can also play with varying layers and lengths to help this fringe suit all face shapes.

It is also much more convenient as the longer length makes it easier to pin back or incorporate into braids and upstyles.


How to Style This Look? A barrel brush to blowdry the fringe forward, and then brushed to either side. Finish by parting the fringe down the middle.

Celebrity Spotting: Nicole Ritchie, Kate Moss & Elle McPherson


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